The Metaverse Intelligence Center of Excellence focuses on training and applied knowledge around metaverses. Since the creation of our own Educational Center in the Metaverse (BI Metaverse Educenter), we have developed an ecosystem of metaverse knowledge and development with a focus on social challenges and critical analysis of opportunities

Finalists of the INATBA Awards, we have received 100% satisfaction from our students.

Our working structure :

  • Our Virtual Center in the metaverse: BI Metaverse Educenter.
  • Certified Training on Metaverses and key technologies for its development such as Blockchain, AI, IOT, VR.
  • Think Tank on the metaverse where we work on the regulatory, legal, ethical, economic and social aspects of the metaverses through publications, events, training and consultancy.
  • Advisory center for regulators, companies and civil society on metaverse.
  • Ecosystem through our collaborative LABS and our participation in INATBA, Madrid Blockchain Cluster and UNE/IEC.
  • Knowledge dissemination.


We have created a space in the metaverse where we lead our students (mostly professionals) to experience web3 and the metaverse and fully understand the power of blockchain and AI.

It started in June 2022 as a key part of our postgraduate certification (now in our 28th edition) and has 100% satisfaction level.

blockchain metaverse Cecabank

Entering our Blockchain Intelligence Metacenter, the students have an amazing learning experience as they:

  • Interact with us, other students and the community.
  • Create their own avatars to understand the interaction between Blockchain and VR/AR and have a full immersive experience.
  • Connect their wallets to understand the real time payment through crypto and the power of valid legal business. through blockchain
  • Learn to use digital identity wallets and protect their privacy.
  • Decorate the walls of the center with their own NFTs created using AI and understand: a) the power and dynamics of creating tokens, b) the elements related to the legal field (smart contracts, intellectual property, MiCA, etc.).
  • Obtain their certificate of attendance by minting their POAP.
  • Understand the importance of networks and their governance.
  • Visit shops and museums so that they grasp the potential of metaverses for society, the economy and social media.
  • Create their own ideas on how to use the metaverse for business and society.

This is a life changing experience since the full power of blockchain, Internet of things, web3 and the metaverse are experienced as tools for change. During our certification courses we always tackle the risks related to the technology (governance, privacy, cybercontrol, AML and compliance, legal, etc.)

blockchain metaverse Cecabank


We believe in the power of learning through experience. In order to understand the infinite possibilities of blockchain and its role in the development of a new digital society, our students need to be a part of it and actively use it while critically understanding all the dimensions of its relevant pieces.

Blockchain education is often very theoretical. Blockchain and web3 concepts can be abstract and we believe that actively using it while being guided to understand the different elements and dimensions is a way to solve the barriers of learning.


We are a blockchain metaverse where we connect cryptowallets, interact with crypto, NFT, POAPs and where transactions take place in real time through blockchain.

Our Blockchain Intelligence Metacenter is a game-changing learning tool which has been steadily getting 100% satisfaction levels since it was launched in May 2022. It transforms blockchain concepts into a living metaverse experience and promotes critical thinking and active use of blockchain to increase positive social impact. Our metacenter promotes collaborative, ethical and human centered digitalisation under EU values such as privacy, sustainability and the rule of law.

We are pioneers in blockchain education with a 5 years track record of success and steady growth. And we are supported by a number of relevant organisations that help us scale up in a sustainable way. We remain critical and in constant search for social impact.


Our metaverse has been the finalist of the INATBA awards as the most exciting project of 2023 in the area of Education!

INATBA education project 2023 nomination

Our students have consistently rated their satisfaction with our courses at 100%!

Legal & Compliance

Our certified courses on Blockchain, Web 3.0 and Metaverse for lawyers, compliance officers, regulators in both private and public sectors are certified by the General Council of Lawyers of Spain and FELABAN, the Latin American Banking Federation, and recommended by Alastria.


Our Certified courses on Blockchain and Metaverse for businesses, banks and NGOs.

Certified by FELABAN, ALASTRIA and the General Council of Lawyers.

In-house Courses

We offer in-house trainings to any company wishing to introduce their employees to the world of Blockchain and Metaverse or expanding and deepening their knowledge on the subject matter. Every course is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.

Blockchain web 3 and metaverse
Blockchain crypto and metaverse course

We have worked with:

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As a think tank, Blockchain Intelligence regularly publishes thoroughly researched articles to further disseminate the knowledge about blockchain, participates at industry events and develops an ecosystem where everyone is free to share ideas and insights.


Normalization/Standardization: Member of the evaluation group IEC- SEG15 Metaverse-UNE


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Almudena de la Mata en el Congreso del Consejo General de Procuradores de España


Blockchain Intelligence, primer centro de formación en el metaverso

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