Blockchain Intelligence Legal Institute defines the ethical and legal keys to the metaverse.

The Blockchain Intelligence Legal Institute’s Metaverse Lab team has developed a meeting to address key issues of ethics, regulation and legal interpretation of “life” in the metaverse. The meeting has taken place at Blockchain Intelligence’s Metaverse Center.
The team is made up of legal experts, lawyers, programmers, philosophers and anthropologists and aims to advance the possible risks of human activity in the metaverse, provide legal certainty to such activity and raise possible regulatory developments that are specifically needed from the new reality generated by technological advances.
“We work to bring social value to technological development. The evolution of the market is clear, but without a social consensus on this new reality, important fractures can be generated. We generate spaces for open, technical and multidisciplinary discussion because we believe it is necessary for the development of a sustainable, fair and balanced society,” he explains.

The Lab, says de la Mata, “addresses issues related to digital identity, contracting via smart contracts, governance, supervision and surveillance in virtual environments, cybersecurity and criminal and civil liability issues. We also work on the issue of the effects of wearables on the possible harm and benefits to individuals and social consensus.”