Women Empowerment Initiatives

Empowering and educating women is a strategic imperative for building a more equitable and prosperous society. When we invest in women, we unlock a wealth of untapped potential and talent that can drive innovation, economic growth, and social progress. By providing women with access to education, training, and opportunities, we enable them to fully participate in all aspects of life—from the workforce to leadership roles and beyond. Empowered women are not only able to improve their own lives but also uplift their families, communities, and entire nations. Moreover, diverse perspectives lead to better decision-making and problem-solving, ensuring that solutions are more inclusive and sustainable.

Blockchain Intelligence fully believes in this and participated in and organised multiple initiatives for women.


Blockchain Intelligence partnered with DLT Talents, a transformative program designed to empower ambitious women and guide them into the world of blockchain technology.

DLT Talents offers an intensive 18-week program, divided into three phases, aimed at quickly onboarding women into the blockchain ecosystem. Ideal for individuals aged 18 and above, this program is entirely free of charge, reflecting our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

The goal of DLT Talents aligns closely with our mission at Blockchain Intelligence: to equip women with the skills, knowledge, and network they need to thrive as leaders in the blockchain space. Through mentorship and support, participants are empowered to pursue careers as entrepreneurs, technologists, regulators, investors, or influencers in this rapidly evolving industry.

Blockchain technology is reshaping various sectors, from finance to supply chains, with widespread implications for global development. As an organization at the forefront of blockchain innovation, we recognize the importance of fostering diverse perspectives to drive meaningful progress.

Our CEO, Almudena de la Mata, is a mentor in the DLT Talents program. Her involvement underscores our firm belief in the importance of supporting initiatives that promote gender diversity and inclusion in tech. Almudena’s leadership and expertise serve as an inspiration to participants as they embark on their journey in the blockchain industry.

With a track record of over 2,600 talented women applying and 1,000 talents mentored across seven batches from 2020 to 2023, DLT Talents has proven to be a catalyst for change. Approximately 400 women have successfully transitioned into roles within the blockchain space after completing the program, contributing to a more diverse and vibrant industry landscape.


Blockchain Intelligence gave a keynote on Blockchain and Smart Contracts at Harvard University, as part of the Women in a Legal World (WLW) Legal Leadership Development Program (LLD). 

Our CEO, Almudena de la Mata, was invited as an expert to address the new reality of the digital economy and metaverses. Her lecture, dedicated to the transformative potential of the blockchain and crypto economy, was specifically designed to empower women in the legal profession. By engaging with an audience of leading female figures in the legal world, we reinforced our commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering female leadership in the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology.


Blockchain Intelligence joined The Break Fellowship, an initiative funded by the European Union and designed by EOI, to train and mentor its members on blockchain, Web 3.0, and the metaverse. With each edition of our courses receiving a 100% satisfaction score, we brought our expertise to hundreds of women entrepreneurs participating in the Fellowship. Our training program began with a dynamic co-creation session on ‘The New Digital Economy Based on Blockchain, dApps, and the Metaverse,’ focusing on the innovative DivAirCity project.

The Break Fellowship, organized by Impact Hub Madrid and Escuela de Organización Industrial, has gathered 360 EU-based women entrepreneurs from diverse cultural backgrounds. In this engaging session, participants explored the potential of the DivAirCity dApp to drive behavioral change and promote sustainable practices in five European cities. Through discussions, they shared unique perspectives and envisioned collaborative initiatives between governments, businesses, and civil society organizations to foster sustainable development. Together, they explored leveraging blockchain technology, gamification, and user-centric design to incentivize positive behaviors, highlighting the power of collaboration and innovation in creating a sustainable future.


The 35th edition of our blockchain training course marked a significant milestone for Blockchain Intelligence as it featured an all-women cohort. This unique session brought together talented female lawyers and compliance officers, reinforcing our commitment to gender diversity and inclusion in the tech and legal industries.

At Blockchain Intelligence, we believe in the power of education to drive change and empower women to excel in their careers. This course exemplifies our dedication to fostering an environment where women can thrive and lead in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology. We are proud to support and empower women, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to shape the future of the industry.

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