The Break Fellowship co-creation session-participant

Co-creating an air quality dApp with The Break Fellowship women

Blockchain Intelligence has started its training programme of The Break Fellowship with a co-creation session on ‘The new digital economy based on blockchain, dApps and the metaverse’ with a particular focus on the dApp developed in the framework of the DivAirCity project.

At this moment, The Break Fellowship, organised by Impact Hub Madrid and Escuela de Organización Industrial, gathered 360 EU-based women entrepreneurs with diverse cultural backgrounds, and in this dynamic session the group explored the potential of the DivAirCity dApp aimed to drive behavioral change among citizens, in particular adopting sustainable practices to improve the quality of air in five European cities. After the outline of the innovative features and goals of the dApp, the women immersed themselves in discussions about the implications and possibilities of the dApp and the potential challenges and opportunities that the dApp could present.

They shared their unique perspectives, drawing from their cultural backgrounds, professional experiences, and understanding of human behavior. Recognizing the power of collaboration, the women envisioned joint initiatives between governments, businesses, and civil society organizations that would create a conducive environment for sustainable development. In addition, they explored ways to leverage blockchain technology, gamification elements, and user-centric design principles to incentivize and reward positive behaviors among citizens, ranging from sustainable consumption to community engagement.