Impact Hub Madrid and The Break Fellowship

360 women entrepreneurs trained by Blockchain Intelligence

Blockchain Intelligence has started training The Break Fellowship in blockchain technology and metaverses.

The 27-day retreat organised and supported by Impact Hub Madrid and Escuela de Organización Industrial, gathered together 360 women from around Europe in the innovation communities of Spain to contribute to local challenges, including but not limited to the economic promotion of specific areas in Spain, boosting blue economy in Barcelona, promoting sustainable tourism in San Sebastián, rural development.

As part of the Blockchain Intelligence training programme, this diverse group of EU-based women entrepreneurs with different cultural backgrounds came together to collectively define interventions that would contribute to sustainability and discuss the incentives that would motivate them. During the session the women received extensive training on the new digital economy and the ways of transferring the acquired knowledge into their businesses. The discussion was marked by a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences, reflecting the richness of cultural diversity within the group. The women entrepreneurs contributed unique perspectives and insights to the matter, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and expertise.

The Break Fellowship co-creation session

One focal point of their discussions was the exploration of public-private partnerships as a means to drive sustainable practices, and they recognized the potential of translating these collaborative approaches to the private sector, leveraging incentives to encourage environmentally friendly behaviors.