Está preparada Europa para una tokenizacion masiva de la economía

Almudena de la Mata talks about tokenization in Europe at Movistar TV Negocios

In a recent interview to Rocío Alvarez-Ossorio at TV Movistar Negocios, our CEO Almudena de la Mata discussed whether Europe is prepared for the tokenization of its economy. She acknowledged that while progress has been made, Europe still faces challenges in embracing tokenization fully. De la Mata highlighted the growing interest in blockchain and tokenization across industries and the need for harmonized regulations and clear guidelines to protect investors and prevent misuse. Education and awareness were also emphasized as crucial for wider adoption and innovation, as well as the need for regulatory adaptation, collaboration between sectors, and robust cybersecurity measures. She recognized the emergence of successful tokenization projects but stressed the need for continued efforts to position Europe as a leader in the tokenized economy, driving growth and competitiveness globally.