Blockchain Intelligence, primer centro de formación en el metaverso

Blockchain Intelligence, first center to launch its training space in the metaverse

The pioneering Blockchain Intelligence Training Center takes its students into the metaverse, demonstrating its innovative capabilities. Students enter the Blockchain Intelligence room in the metaverse with their avatars, buy property, make an NFT with Artificial Intelligence, use their crypto and digital identity wallets and get their POAP. It’s all part of the certified trainings for lawyers, compliance, business and finance that the institution successfully develops since 2017 and that have the certification of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers. The walls of the center in the metaverse are decorated with the art NFTs that have minted the students of the 23 previous editions of the certification.

Blockchain Intelligence, primer centro de formación en el metaverso

In the 23 editions of the certifications, Blockchain Intelligence has innovated by adapting the contents to the technological, market, regulatory and legal evolution.

The reference center in Training, Consulting, Research and Development of Blockchain applications has adapted the contents of its trainings and certifications in each edition since 2017 being pioneers and the most innovative in the market.

“Our certifications are a 360 journey through the most current reality of blockchain technology. Each module is accompanied by a practical Lab where students DO everything they have learned” says Almudena de la Mata, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence and President of Blockchain Intelligence Law Institute. “We train students with the best experts in each module and by having them practice and experience everything they learn themselves. This way they get the necessary training to work with this technology by developing their own projects and advising blockchain/crypto clients with technological, legal and regulatory compliance and business security,” says de la Mata.

The companies and professionals who have been trained with Blockchain Intelligence have developed the most important Blockchain projects in Spain and Latin America. Professionals from the most relevant companies in practically all sectors have passed through its classrooms, but also individuals, crypto investors or law firms of all sizes.

Blockchain Intelligence is a consultant and develops Blockchain technology projects in such a way that it designs the contents based on the reality of the market and with technical soundness and academic depth. This is attributed to the satisfaction of the students and the opinions of those who have passed through its classrooms.

The Center also develops public-private collaboration through its labs, task forces, GOVTECH activity that it has been developing since 2018 as well as participation in national and European public sector expert groups that have been instrumental in developing a sound regulatory interpretation of new technological phenomena. Blockchain Intelligence has co-founded the Blockchain cluster of the Community of Madrid with 20 other benchmark companies.

Its role as an expert entity in Blockchain has been recognized by the students who have rated the trainings with 100% satisfaction in the already 23 editions of the different courses. In addition, the General Council of Spanish Lawyers and the Latin American Banking Federation certify the Blockchain Intelligence trainings that are also recommended by Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem.

The next edition of the certifications will start on June 27, 2022 (

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