INATBA education project 2023 nomination

Blockchain Intelligence finalist of INATBA awards

We are proud to say that the educational Metaverse project of Blockchain Intelligence was nominated for the Award for the Most Exciting Project of 2023 in Education and shortlisted!

INATBA, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications sponsored by the European Commission, rewards projects from around the globe that make a positive contribution using blockchain/distributed ledger technologies.

What is the Blockchain Intelligence Metacenter?

We have created a space in the metaverse where we take our students (mostly professionals) to experience web3 and the metaverse and fully understand the power of blockchain and AI.

We create an amazing learning experience for the participants who can

– enter the center of Blockchain Intelligence in the metaverse,

– create avatars to understand the interaction of Blockchain and VR/AR,

– enter different virtual market environments, including cultural and learning ones, to learn about the possibilities of economic and social development of the metaverse,

– connect their wallets to understand how cryptocurrency payments work in real time,

– experience the power of valid legal transactions through blockchain,

– learn how to use digital identity wallets and protect their privacy,

– decorate the walls of the hub within the metaverse with their AI-created NFTs to understand the power and dynamics of creating tokens and related legal elements (smart contracts),

– download the token that certifies their attendance to their wallet.

Since 2017 Blockchain Intelligence has sought excellence and innovation in all its activities. Our Training Center is the leader in knowledge and training in blockchain technology. We have educated experts from 15 countries in Blockchain/DLT, web 3.0 and metaverse during 26 editions of our courses. The main players in this technological field (companies, banks, consultants, law firms and regulators) have trusted us. The Center in the Metaverse was added in June 2022 as a key part of our graduate certification (now in its 27th edition) and boasts 100% satisfaction levels.

You can read more about our metacenter here.

More about INATBA awards is here.