EIB-EPC Round Table on Economic Security

Blockchain Intelligence Contributes to EIB-EPC Round Table on Economic Security

Our CEO Almudena de la Mata, recently participated in the EIB – EPC Round Table titled ‘Investing for Economic Security,’ held on May 13, 2024, in Luxembourg at the WKI West Building of the European Investment Bank. The event aimed to explore critical technology areas and strategies to optimize economic security impact while advancing the green and digital transformation.

De la Mata contributed to ‘Session One: Critical Technology Areas’ with a concise impulse statement focusing on instruments and mechanisms to enhance economic security impact within the context of green and digital transformations. Her insights were shared alongside statements from notable experts including Lars Froelund from MIT and Member of the board of EIC; Stefano Gurciullo, Partner at Tau Capital; Riccardo Masucci, Director of Security and Technology Policy at Intel; Filip Merckx, CFO at IMEC; Andras Inotai, Head of Unit, Innovation Policy and Access to Finance, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission; and Yannick Treige, European Government Affairs at ASML.

EIB-EPC Round Table Economic Security

The round table discussions, co-chaired by Shiva Dustdar, Director and Dean of the EIB Institute and Paweł Świeboda, Senior Fellow at EPC, commenced with welcome and opening remarks by Shiva Dustdar, followed by a keynote address by Yuriko Backes, Minister of Defence, Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Minister for Gender Equality and Diversity, Government of Luxembourg.

EIB-EPC Round Table on Economic Security: Yuriko Backes, Minister of Defence

The event encompassed discussions across various tables, including ‘Economic Security Agenda for the EU’ and ‘Session Two: Clean Tech Reaching Net Zero Through the Upside: Investment Needs of Europe’s Green Industrial Strategy.’ The conclusion featured remarks by Shiva Dustdar and Paweł Świeboda.

EIB-EPC Round Table on Economic Security

Full agenda of the event is here.

De la Mata’s participation underscores Blockchain Intelligence’s commitment to advancing discussions on economic security, technological innovation, and sustainable development within the global community. By engaging with key stakeholders and contributing expertise to high-level forums, the company continues to drive dialogue and action towards a more secure and resilient economic future.