INATBA Academic Advisory Board Co-Chairs for 2024

Blockchain Intelligence CEO Almudena de la Mata Appointed Co-Chair of INATBA’s Academic Advisory Body

Our CEO Almudena de la Mata has been appointed as the new co-chair of the Academic Advisory Body at INATBA (International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications). Joining her in this role is Prof. Florian Möslein from The Philipp University of Marburg.

With her extensive experience as a Managing Partner and Founder of Blockchain Intelligence, as well as her roles as a Founding Partner of Impact Hub Madrid and Co-Founder of Innovation of Change, Dr. de la Mata brings a wealth of expertise to her new position.

Prof. Florian Möslein, a distinguished professor in Civil Law and German and European Business Law at Philipps-University Marburg, and a Global Fellow at New York University School of Law, complements Dr. de la Mata’s expertise with his deep academic knowledge.

The Academic Advisory Body of INATBA currently comprises 64 members from various continents, facilitating cooperation and acting in an advisory capacity to the INATBA Board of Directors and the Executive Team. As co-chairs, Dr. de la Mata and Prof. Möslein will lead the Advisory Body in its mission to bridge the gap between research, education, and practical applications in emerging fields and technologies, fostering dialogues and providing a platform for sharing best practices to drive innovation in emerging technologies for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Dr. de la Mata’s appointment as co-chair reaffirms Blockchain Intelligence’s commitment to driving collaboration and innovation at the intersection of academia, industry, and technology. We look forward to her leadership in advancing the mission of the Academic Advisory Body at INATBA.