Asamblea General de Socios de Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem en Madrid

Blockchain Intelligence participates in the General Assembly of Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain Intelligence recently participated in the General Assembly of Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem held in Madrid on July 1. As a founding member and part of the Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem management committee, our participation underscored our commitment to the advancement of blockchain technology in Spain and beyond.

The assembly highlighted the fruitful collaboration between blockchain technology and public administrations, recognizing its potential to address real-world challenges, improve the delivery of public services and strengthen the technological competitiveness of Spanish companies. This collaboration has received significant institutional and financial backing, crucial for the development of the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) industry in the region.

A key moment during the assembly was the intervention of Ignacio Azorín, Director General of Digital Strategy for the Community of Madrid, who reaffirmed the region’s commitment to DLT technology. Madrid’s strategic initiative to build a blockchain services infrastructure, with Alastria playing a crucial role, positions the city as a key technology hub in Southern Europe.

Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem continues to be a leader in the DLT ecosystem, demonstrating significant impact both domestically and internationally. The assembly recognized the diligent work of various committees, including Legal, Research and Technology Transfer, Public Administrations, Identity, Technology Strategy, and sector-specific groups such as Real Estate and Financial Services.

Our active participation in six European projects and recognition as a Technology and Innovation Platform supported by the State Innovation Agency, Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, further strengthens our commitment and leadership in the sector.