Almudena de la Mata and Prof Wuermeling

Almudena de la Mata to Speak at Deutsche Bundesbank’s Farewell Symposium on Digitalization and Finance

Almudena de la Mata, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence, was invited to speak at the symposium The Future of Digitalization and Finance organised by Deutsche Bundesbank on March 22nd. The event is a farewell to Joachim Würmeling, the Executive Board Member of Deutsche Bundesbank, and holds particular significance in the current economic landscape.

The symposium will commence with a welcome from Joachim Nagel, the President of Deutsche Bundesbank. The first panel discussion titled Digital Finance: Does it change the trade-off between risk and resilience? will offer valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of risk management in the digital age. Claudia Buch will provide introductory remarks, and the panelists – Benoît Cœuré, President of the Autorité de la concurrence and the Center for Economic Research and its Applications, Stefan Ingves, Chair of the Board of Directors at Toronto Centre, and Tokiko Shimizu, Assistant Governor at Bank of Japan – will continue the talks.

Then the symposium will transition to the panel The Digital Euro: A New Anchor for Stability in Europe? During this panel Almudena de la Mata and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Bott from the University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern, will share their insights and perspectives, with introductory remarks provided by Joachim Würmeling.

During his visit to Madrid last year, Dr. Joachim Würmeling engaged in discussions with Almudena de la Mata, underscoring the importance of collaboration and dialogue in navigating the complexities of digital finance. Their exchange reflects a shared commitment to understanding and harnessing the potential of digital currencies to fortify both the European and global economies.

The Farewell Symposium organized by Deutsche Bundesbank promises to be a gathering of experts who converge to honor Würmeling’s contributions and offer valuable insights into the evolving landscape of digital finance and its impact on economic stability.