Almudena de la Mata and Prof Wuermeling

A Strategic Dialogue with Joachim Wuermeling, Deutsche Bundesbank: Digital Euro and its economic impact

Joachim Wuermeling, Executive Board Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank, visited Blockchain Intelligence and met with Almudena de la Mata, our CEO, delving deep into the future landscape of the digital economy.

Central to the discussion was the evolution of the digital Euro and its pivotal role in fortifying both the European and global economies. Their exchange encompassed the broader scope of the digital society and its resonance within the digital economy, and also scrutinized Europe’s competitive stance in the global arena and its strategic positioning in the unfolding narrative of the digital age.

Geopolitical dimensions inherent to a blockchain-driven economy, crypto assets, tokenization, and the digital euro were meticulously explored. 

Joachim Wuermeling took a keen interest in the array of use cases conceptualized and developed by Blockchain Intelligence in different sectors (sustainability, finance, insurance, logistics, real state, financial markets, third sector among them).

He also showed particular interest in our Think Tank, a crucible of innovative ideas, and our Training Center (Blockhain Intelligence Business and Law Schools). The latter, offering specialized training for legal practitioners, compliance officers, businesses across both public and private sectors, stood out as a transformative force in blockchain education. At its heart, lies a dynamic educational center within the metaverse, pushing the boundaries of conventional learning.

Dr. Joachim Wuermeling and Dr. Almudena de la Mata shared a common belief regarding the pivotal role of blockchain technology, crypto assets, and the digital euro in shaping the Europe´s economic landscape.