Use Cases in Blockchain at the 18th Legal Congress of the Bar Association of Malaga

What are the most relevant use cases in blockchain? What role do lawyers play in all these projects? Is the metaverse a reality? How can a lawyer equip themselves with the necessary training to serve their clients? How has the digital landscape changed in Spain and Europe? All these topics were discussed in the session “DIGITAL AND INNOVATION – Use Cases and Utilities of Blockchain Projects” at the 18th Legal Congress of the Bar Association of Malaga on November 2nd. The conclusion: Blockchain is being implemented in a wide range of industries, bringing social value, and legal advice is needed to harness its potential with legal certainty.

During her presentation, our CEO Almudena de la Mata shared valuable insights into a wide range of use cases managed by Blockchain Intelligence, emphasizing the cross-cutting nature of this technology. These cases span industries as diverse as legal technology platforms, reporting channels, financial institutions seeking to provide custody and trading services, insurance, real estate, intellectual property, market infrastructures, and public-private collaboration projects like the innovative DivAirCity. This project aims to improve air quality in five European cities with citizen participation. This initiative exemplifies how blockchain technology can be a catalyst for innovative and sustainable solutions that have a positive impact on society. In this sense, Almudena highlighted how the most social uses of blockchain technology are developed every day.

Almudena also addressed the legal challenges and the evolution of regulation both in the European Union and in Spain. Specifically, she commented on the impact of the Securities Market Law, anti-money laundering regulations, the approval of the MiCA regulation, as well as the opening of new possibilities in financial markets through the pilot regime that has marked a milestone in this field. The relevance of the review of the EiDAS2 digital identity regulation and the EUIDWallet, along with the evolution of the digital euro, were also discussed.

Since the approval of the European Blockchain Partnership, European institutions have taken definitive steps to promote the use of blockchain. Not only has it been regulated, but also infrastructures such as EBSI, digital identity (EU ID Wallet), and the digital euro are being created, which are fundamental to elevate the definitive levels of digitalization of our economy and our society.

In this context, the relevance of these blockchain-based applications for the digitalization of European society and its global competitiveness was highlighted, increasingly influenced by the adoption of these technologies in regions such as China and the United States.

Finally, Almudena emphasized the potential of the metaverse, a virtual space that is gaining traction in various traditional industries as platforms for product marketing. This growing acceptance demonstrates that the metaverse is not only a trend but also an effective tool for business expansion and growth in the digital world.

At Blockchain Intelligence, we go beyond theory. We have our own educational metaverse, an immersive space where we take our blockchain course and certification students for a hands-on experience.

Since its inception, Blockchain Intelligence Law and Compliance Institute has been a beacon at the intersection of the legal world, regulatory structures, and the tangible application of blockchain in the economy and society. To achieve this, bringing an understanding of this technology to lawyers and Compliance Officers was essential. Thus, our certification was born in collaboration with the General Council of the Spanish Bar, now in its 31st edition, constantly updated to provide a comprehensive and always up-to-date learning journey, equipping lawyers with the necessary skills to serve the real economy and the changing needs of their clients.

At Blockchain Intelligence, we remain committed to driving innovation, developing knowledge, and facilitating crucial conversations about digital transformation and the fundamental role of blockchain technology in shaping the future. We continue to anticipate significant advancements and look forward to sharing them with our community at upcoming events and conferences.

The roundtable organized by the digital section of the Malaga Bar Association (Nuria Rando and Cristina Cerván) also featured prominent experts such as Erik Sánchez from Reental Rental and Gonzálo García Valdecasas from CYSAE- Law & Technologies.