Almudena de la Mata Global Talent

Humanizing Leadership: The Inspiring Career of Almudena de la Mata

Our CEO Almudena de la Mata was interviewed by Santiago Casanueva Cruzate as part of GT Global Talent’s CEOTalks. CEOTalks is transforming the way we perceive our leaders by placing a special emphasis on the humanization of leadership. These intimate and revealing conversations offer unique insights into the experiences, values and motivations that drive leading figures in the business world and beyond. Through these talks, leaders share their personal stories, their triumphs and challenges, and their vision for a more inclusive and equitable future. Each CEOTalks session offers an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best and to inspire positive change in our own lives and communities.

During the interview, Almudena shared her reflections on her professional journey and motivations. Since her childhood, Almudena felt the desire to have a positive impact on society and people, which led her to get involved in sustainable development and social action initiatives from a young age.

Her professional path has been a natural evolution, marked by her curiosity and her quest to make an impact. Almudena highlights among her achievements the launch of the first educational metaverse and the creation of BlockchAIn Intelligence, a pioneering company in analyzing the impact of Blockchain and AI technologies on society. In addition, she highlights her experience in various fields, from the public sector to social entrepreneurship, as significant contributions to her career. She acknowledges the importance of luck in her life, but also emphasizes the importance of hard work and generosity.

As for her future, Almudena notes that she has a long way to go and hopes to be remembered as someone who facilitated change and generated human value. In her day-to-day life, she prioritizes work and family, although she admits the need to dedicate more time to leisure and sports.

To reconcile her personal and professional life, Almudena is committed to flexible work models and is inspired by the example of her mother, who always managed to successfully reconcile work and family life.

Finally, she highlights the fundamental role of her family as her support network and constant motivation, especially the unconditional support of her husband and the love for her three children.