The use of Blockchain in Courts (Justice Administration)

On May 7 Blockchain Intelligence offered the open presentation  “Blockchain and Justice administration” held, by Yolanda Ríos López. During the session, the judge discussed the probative value of the information registered in a blockchain in civil proceedings, both in public and private documents as well as expert evidence.

The convenience of creating specialized courts in blockchain and new technologies, based on some Comparative Law models, was also discussed.

In the Business clinic, two use cases were discussed in the field of Justice. Firstly, the protection of business secrecy and the blockchain were discussed in the Protocol of the Commercial Courts of Barcelona.

Finally, the holding of capital company meetings and the adoption of blockchain agreements were addressed.

The presentation elicited the active participation of the 282 attendees who posed 64 questions, some of which were answered on-site and others in writing in a subsequent chat.