Presentation “Blockchain application development in SMEs” in Adigital

On April 21, Almudena de la Mata made a presentation in Adigital, with the theme “Development of Blockchain applications in SMEs”.

1. Why Blockchain can revolutionize our business and societies.
2. Blockchain: from cryptanalysis to the value internet.
3. How Blockchain works.
4. The elements of Blockchain.
5. What Blockchain for our business? Types of Blockchain.
6. Blockchain applications: Registrations and payments, Smart contracts, Tokenization and new means of business financing.
7. Use cases in Blockchain (SMEs, Insurance, Fintech, Traceability, value chain, audit, public sector, waste management, tax management, tokenization of real estate assets, energy tokenization…).
8. Legal challenges in the use of blockchain.
9. Governance in Blockchain.
10. Institutional Positioning in relation to Blockchain Technology. Alastria and the Blockchers project, INATBA and other initiatives.

1.- The perception of the Blockchain is still very much linked to the banking sector, but it is really a technology that is going to be applied in many more areas. What exactly is the blockchain and what will be its most used applications?
From the automotive, industrial or port logistics, telecommunications to the agricultural/food or health sector, there is no sector that is not being influenced by the Blockchain/DLT technology. This technology is revolutionizing the business world and creating great opportunities for both the possibilities of generating new models and making current ones more efficient. Its application can be projected in all sectors where transparency, speed in business processes and security of transactions are basic. The possibilities of application of Blockchain in the industrial sector are a reality streamlining the internal management, facilitating the relationship with suppliers, customers or partners and providing security to the supply chains in which various companies that want to share information and collaborate.

2- Where are we in the application of the Blockchain/DLT technology?
In this last year several very significant cases of use have been developed in the industry with examples in big Spanish companies of energy, carbides, banking, insurance, great consumption or real estate and construction or legal sector. There is a lot of institutional interest because the possibilities of application in the public sector are very evident. In addition, the public sector is also working to clarify the regulatory framework affecting this technology, which has been strongly promoted by the European Union. On the other hand, start ups are generating new business models that are being valued or developed collaboratively with large companies. And technology transfer to SMEs has been addressed as one of the major objectives of the European Union to promote real applications of Blockchain technology to the economy with a great economic and social impact.

3.-Why should a manager be interested in Blockchain?
The new technologies are revolutionizing the way of approaching and developing the business activity. It is key for any manager to be aware of the possibilities that are presented in the digital era both to improve our processes and to devise new solutions to the problems of society. Blockchain brings much value in this context and requires a change in the way of approaching business. Surely many have read or heard presentations about Blockchain. The key is to understand in depth the structural change that Blockchain proposes to be able to think and value the possibilities of use in our environment.

Speaker: Almudena de la Mata is Managing Partner Blockchain Intelligence, professional advisor of the Foundation for Financial Innovation and Digital Economy. She is a university lecturer at IE and has been selected as one of the Blockchain experts of the Cotec 100. She has held various European and global management positions in international companies such as General Electric and Fortis Bank in Brussels. She has been Head of the European Affairs Unit at the Bank of Spain and has advised the Bundesbank and the European Commission.