Cryptocapital radio show on blockchain

Almudena de la Mata highlights our innovative vision in Capital Radio’s Criptocapital

On July 24, Almudena de la Mata, the CEO of Blockchain Intelligence, had the honor of participating in the program Cryptocapital of Capital Radio. During the interview, Almudena highlighted the innovative vision of our educational institution and how we have become pioneers in the integration of advanced technologies. In particular, she highlighted our exciting Metaverse Education Center project, where web 4.0 merges with the virtual world to provide a unique and immersive educational experience.

In addition to exploring the capabilities of the Metaverse, Almudena shared details about our tokenization projects and how we are using Blockchain to improve sustainability across various industries. We are proud to participate in initiatives like DivAirCity that use emerging technologies to solve real problems and promote a more sustainable and responsible future.

Almudena also took a moment to highlight the transformative impact of our Center for Higher Education in Blockchain, Web 3.0, Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence. Over the years, we have changed lives by empowering our students with advanced knowledge and specialized skills in tomorrow’s technologies. We are committed to academic excellence and are excited to continue driving change and innovation in the world of technology and cryptocurrency.