China-EU Ecommerce Summit main stage

Almudena de la Mata speaks at the China-EU Ecommerce Summit 2023

The round table discussion on Globalization 4.0: digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence at the China-EU Ecommerce Summit was aн exchange of ideas and insights. Moderated by Margaret Chen, CEO of Optimus Horizon and Founder and Honorary President of China Club Spain, the discussion featured three distinguished speakers who brought diverse perspectives to the table.

China-EU Ecommerce Summit - main view

Andrés Gómez, Vice Chancellor for International Relations at ESIC University, Houwei Rui, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions at Huawei Cloud Europe, and Almudena de la Mata, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence, provided valuable insights on the evolving landscape of digitization and its impact on global business and trade, the transformative potential of advanced technologies in driving economic growth, enhancing efficiency, and fostering collaboration between China and the EU. The discussion further explored the challenges and opportunities that arise from the digital transformation of industries and the importance of international cooperation in navigating this new era.

China-EU Ecommerce Summit - Almudena de la Mata

De la Mata contributed her expertise on the intersection of globalization and blockchain technology. With her insights, she highlighted the role of blockchain in creating trusted, secure, and transparent digital ecosystems, and its potential to revolutionize cross-border transactions.

Overall, the round table discussion provided a platform for engaging dialogue and knowledge sharing on the impact of digitization, automation, and artificial intelligence in Globalization 4.0 and deepened the understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the digital era.