Blockchain Intelligence Capacita el Consejo General del Poder Judicial

Blockchain Intelligence Trains Judges, Magistrates and Prosecutors to Address the Challenges of the Digital World

Blockchain Intelligence is playing a crucial role in the training of judges, magistrates and prosecutors in blockchain technology, Web3 and metaverse in the General Council of the Judiciary. In a world where the economy and society are immersed in digital, knowledge of these emerging technologies becomes essential to guarantee a judicial system prepared for future challenges. Blockchain, the new digital identity, means of payment such as Cryptoassets or the digital euro (CBDCs) represent a profound change in the way of perfecting and executing legal businesses.

The metaverses, which are foreseen as the new markets, pose an unprecedented scenario of conflicts in relation to networks and applications, including aspects such as registration, tokenization and smart contracts. Faced with this constantly evolving reality, justice must be prepared to deal with increasingly complex and multidisciplinary cases.

formacion Consejo General del Poder Judicial

It is in this context that Blockchain Intelligence has established the Blockchain and Justice Administration Lab for years, with the aim of providing judges with , magistrates and prosecutors the necessary tools and knowledge to understand and resolve issues related to these emerging technologies. The mission is to ensure that the judicial system is empowered to effectively and fairly address cases that arise in the digital economy and society of the future. With the support and training offered by Blockchain Intelligence, legal professionals will be better equipped to face the legal challenges that arise in this new and exciting technological landscape.