Almudena de la Mata from Blockchain Intelligence – one of the top 100 women leaders

In the tenth edition of the Top 100 women leaders in Spain awards, which seeks to identify relevant women in the country in different areas, Almudena de la Mata, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence and President of the Blockchain Intelligence Legal Institute, was awarded in the field of Startups and SMEs.

Her work and career as the PhD in Law from the Max Planck Institute of the University of Hamburg, Member of the Board of Alastria Blockchain Ecosystem and Professional Counselor of the Foundation for Financial Innovation and the Digital Economy are highlighted by the organisers.

The recognition also shows that the blockchain technology is becoming increasingly relevant. With a humanist vision, Blockchain Intelligence works to generate economic and social impact through technology, while decentralizing and empowering people from all over the world with its training center in blockchain, Web 3.0 and Metaverse.

The project, led by de la Mata, develops an ecosystem based on the combination of practical experience and intellectual robustness. This has been achieved thanks to the collaboration between the public and private organisations, as for a university professor it is important to have a diversity of talent and approaches to build the new digital era on more solid foundations. “We created our Blockchain Intelligence LABS to develop open collaboration environments based on trust and technical solvency. It is a fabulous methodology for promoting sustainable technology” de la Mata tells us.

“Blockchain Intelligence aspires to continue building a fair digital society and developing projects with meaning and impact. We will continue advancing in our metaverse, expanding the training activity for companies, the public sector, lawyers and compliance together with the General Council of Lawyers and FELABAN”.

Likewise, it will continue to support the regulators and the development of knowledge through its Think Tank. “We aspire to continue promoting knowledge with our publications, conferences, and labs and research projects. I am convinced that our practical experience in developing and promoting projects is a differential element. Challenges can be addressed and progress made in a sustainable manner only from a realistic vision of the possibilities of technology, its impact and limitations.”

“In 2023 we will continue advising projects and building our sustainability dApp in 5 European cities, while we advance in our expansion in LATAM and the EU.”

Almudena de la Mata is expert in the Blockchain Observatory of the European Commission, Blockchain Expert of the 100 of Cotec and Academic Board of INATBA and the British Blockchain Association. Her experience in the public sector includes her membership in the legal corps of the Bank of Spain, where she was Head of the European Affairs. In addition, she has held various European and global management positions in international companies such as General Electric or Fortis Bank (BNP Paribas) in Brussels.

This recognition, which highlights Almudena’s work together with great women from different sectors, demonstrates that decentralized environments and collaborative work are essential for economic and social development, while inspiring to continue this work.

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About the “Blockchain Intelligence” Center of Excellence: knowledge, training, advice and development for a sustainable digital society.

Since 2017 Blockchain Intelligence has become the Blockchain Reference Center for Spain and Latin America.

As the first High Training Center in Blockchain technology, BI has trained the best Blockchain/DLT, Web 3.0 and Metaverse experts through more than 27 editions of its certifications. Her innovative leadership has led her to creating the first educational metaverse.

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BI has an important ecosystem through its own network and a series of partnerships with organizations such as the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, FELABAN or the Abat Oliba University and its technical link with INATBA and the Blockchain Observatory of the European Commission. It has an excellent Advisory Board and alumni community to share and develop knowledge.

The combination of academic excellence, development of real projects and ecosystem give Blockchain Intelligence the reputation of one of the best Blockchain centers in the world.

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