Blockchain Intelligence course lab

100% Satisfaction Again with the 27th Edition of Blockchain Certifications

The students of the 27th edition of our Expert Certifications in Blockchain and Metaverse for Legal, Compliance and Business have once again rated us with 100% satisfaction in the end-of-course surveys.

Why do we get such a high satisfaction score after every edition? Because we choose the best faculty. All our teachers are the leading experts in their module and combine intellectual depth with current practical experience in the subject.

Each module is complemented by a practical lab and use cases. Going from theory to practice, we allow students to have a first-hand experience of the blockchain world. For this we have created LABS for

  • Wallet and Crypto,
  • Sovereign digital identity,
  • Programming of Smart Contracts,
  • Creation of NFTs using AI,
  • STOs,
  • Contracts in blockchain and
  • Access to our room in the Metaverse where students find the BI Alumni Art Collection made during the other editions of the Certifications.

In our metaverse, students have a full immersive experience and perform multiple operations such as creating avatars, connecting wallets to understand real-time payment through cryptography, learning how to use digital identity wallets and protecting their privacy, decorating the walls of the center with their own NFTs, understanding the importance of networks and their governance, and much more.

Our day-to-day development of blockchain projects and those connected to the international ecosystem allow us to constantly update the contents to the latest market, regulatory and research news.

Check the testimonials of our students where they share their impressions about the trainers, the course itself, its structure and practical application. Now our students are part of the powerful alumni community and have access to the continuously updated platform where we share market, business, regulation and compliance news.

Following this success, we have opened the registrations for the 28th edition of our blockchain certifications that begin on April 17. Hurry up to reserve your place and live the experience of our metaverse: the number of participants is limited. More information is here.