The impact of Blockchain technology on the digitization of an SME

On November 11th, Almudena de la Mata, CEO of Blockchain Intelligence, attended the Blockchain Radio program to explain how to help digitize an SME and how blockchain technology is helping this process.

Nowadays, to talk about blockchain technology is to talk about innovation and it is important to make companies understand that the more innovation, the more efficiency, competitiveness and growth through new markets and new business models.

According to de la Mata, the goal is to “make the industrial fabric more productive by supporting product traceability, digitization of documentation, customer onboarding and internal management/compliance. The challenges include understanding the possibilities and selecting the most appropriate applications to use blockchain where it is needed but not where it is not needed”. The training activity and the Blockchain Intelligence ideation workshops with proprietary methodology make it possible for SMEs to find the best possibilities to make their business more fruitful.

To listen to the entire program click on the following link: