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Intellectual Property

Legal & Compliance

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Legal considerations take into account:
ClarkeModet is responsible for the proper functioning and management of the platform, as well as the maintenance of confidentiality and the protection of user data.
ClarkeModet will not have access to the content of the digital files, that will always be kept on the client’s computers. In any case, if ClarkeModet had access to such information, ClarkeModet will be obliged to maintain due confidentiality at all time.
Damages caused by the misuse of the platform by the clients will be under their responsibility, and ClarkeModet will be exonerated of any liability resulting from these conducts.
The direct and proven damages caused by fault or negligence of the computer provider and, where appropriate, of its subcontractors, will be the responsibility of the latter, ClarkeModet agreeing to initiate the pertinent actions against them.
All the terms of use of the platforms has been established and can be accessed in the following links:

Terms of use:

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Privacy policy:

Legal Terms:


Blockchain nets: Minchain, Alastria, Ethereum


ClarkeModet developed in 2019, in collaboration with Minsait (, a platform supported by Blockchain technology ( that generates and manages proofs of existence of any file or document. The system maximizes the security of the process and provides enhanced versatility, as it allows to raise evidence on formats that could not be registered until now.
In order to ensure the continuity of the generated proofs over time over time, we use 3 different independent Networks: Ethereum (public), Minchain (private) and Alastria (Public-Permissioned blockchain network), so they do not depend on each other. As a result, the degree of confidence is very high, since the three networks provide a complementary protection. The evidence recorded in Ethereum would always be preserved, even if Alastria and Minchain disappeared. In addition, both Alastria and Minchain have public transaction scanners where the validity of the evidence can always be verified.
With our platform, the main goal was to create a solution for client’s needs concerning the protection of many intangible assets that were difficult to validate in the past, such as trade secrets, product catalogues, software source code, algorithms and their versions, literary or audiovisual works, chemical formulas, proof of ownership of unregistered designs, non-patentable information, etc. It is of particular significance in the implementation of an IP advisory solution aligned with our client’s business strategy.


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