We at Blockchain Intelligence, have created this map to identify Blockchain related use cases. You will find the use case, name of the organization,description, Blockchain or DLT used, country, sector, type of organization, level of development, whether it is COVID19 relevant, etc.

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“iCommunity Blockchain Solutions” (iBS) is a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform that allows to build high-value solutions quickly and easily to improve transparency, efficiency & quality of companies, simplifying and saving costs on this process. iBS is an industry agnostic and multi-chain platform built from the ground up, with robust smart contract facilities.

iBS provides a suite of APIs Blockchain that allow innovators across industries and geographies to develop lightweight, lightning-fast, secure, and auditable transaction-based solutions. We have offers several MVPs over iBS that showcases the extensive capabilities of blockchain for use cases related with certification and traceability.

iBS solution offers the shortest path between a blockchain use case concept and the realization of the business case in production. As a low-code platform abstracting away complexity throughout the development, deployment and integration phases in the application lifecycle, iBS makes it easy for any organization to build, deploy and integrate blockchain into their existing systems. Whether companies are looking to improve customer experience or back office efficiency, to extend their current products to a new client segment or to completely reinvent an existing business model, iBS tools will get from concept to implemented in no time. Our goal is to cover the existing gap between business organizations and Blockchain technology offering this technology as a service, through APIs that make possible creation of use cases in a short time and for a really affordable price.
iBS is very appropriate for most companies that need to develop solutions to increase the trust and transparency of their products, but who don’t have the necessary resources to face such needs (or in any case prefer to pay so that they do not have to).


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