We at Blockchain Intelligence, have created this map to identify Blockchain related use cases. You will find the use case, name of the organization,description, Blockchain or DLT used, country, sector, type of organization, level of development, whether it is COVID19 relevant, etc.

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Management System for Entities in Charge of Maintenance


Logistics and transportation

Identified policy/regulatory barriers

Barriers derived by indefinition of some issues such as Digital Identity, standardization and legal loopholes, in addition to the limited support from the different administrations


Interoperable Platform (Hyperledger FABRIC/BESU, QUORUM,…)


A platform that allows the automation of procedures involved in the maintenance of railway vehicles.
Traceability and tracking of documentation involved in the different functions existing in the maintenance processes.
Definition of the different roles in the entities involved in these processes: Workshop, Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), HR manager, Railway undertakings…
Specific standards and regulations compliance for maintenance entities and interoperability, both national and European.


Las Rozas, Madrid 28232

Level of development


COVID-19 related


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