Interview with Almudena de la Mata in the newspaper Diario La Ley: “Blockchain allows new models of exchange of goods and also of social organization”.

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Almudena de la Mata, Managing Partner of Blockchain Intelligence, was interviewed by Diario la Ley.

“Blockchain is one of the most cited technologies in the LegalTech environment. But, due to its complexity, it is also one of the least known. Generally linked to virtual currencies such as bitcoin, as a securitization mechanism of the transactions carried out with them, its real potential goes much further and can reach the character of a real social organization and government factor.

This great potential requires, in the absence of express regulation by the legislator, rigorous governance mechanisms, which are not being defined in many cases, which poses a great dispersion of models and also uncertainty as to their characteristics and effects.

To learn more about the multiple possibilities offered by this technology and to go deeper into the relevant legal implications and challenges it poses, along with the necessary role that legal professionals will have to play in its configuration, we have talked to Almudena de la Mata, Managing Partner of Blockchain Intelligence / Blockchain Law Institute and one of the most brilliant experts in this field”.

– Carlos B. Fernández


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