Evento Big Data Hubs

Exploring the Future of Generative Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Hubs

On 20 February, BigData Magazine organised the first Big Data Hub meeting of the year, bringing together leading experts in the field of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our CEO Almudena de la Mata actively participated in this event along with other opinion leaders such as Fernando Polo, Belén Alemán, Irene Horna, Toni Andújar, Susana Fuentes, Coro Saldaña, David Carro, Carlos Caballero, Juan Luis Pérez, Néstor Álvaro and Alejandro Padín.

During the meeting, several key questions revolving around generative AI were addressed. Are companies ready to adopt this technology? How will it affect call centres? What will be the most imminent changes in the industry? What will happen to intellectual property and copyright in an environment driven by generative AI? What challenges does this technology pose?

Almudena de la Mata shared her insights and experience at the event, highlighting the importance of generative AI in the current technology landscape. She noted that while the adoption of this technology presents challenges, it also offers significant opportunities for companies willing to embrace innovation.

One of the key points discussed was the readiness of companies to adopt generative AI. The need for strategic planning and a robust technology infrastructure to take full advantage of this emerging technology was emphasised.

In terms of the impact on call centres, experts noted that generative AI could completely transform the way customer interactions are handled, improving efficiency and personalisation of services.

In relation to intellectual property and copyright, the importance of establishing clear legal and ethical frameworks to protect the rights of creators and ensure responsible use of generative AI was highlighted.

The Big Data Hub was a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge about generative AI and its impact on various sectors. We are excited to see how this technology will continue to transform our society in the coming years.