DivAirCity in Aarhus

Empowering European Cities: DivAirCity meets in Aarhus

In the pursuit of cleaner, healthier urban environments, DivAirCity is propelling its mission forward. This visionary initiative, dedicated to enhancing air quality in five prominent European cities, has taken a substantial stride towards implementation. Among the companies driving this change is Blockchain Intelligence.

On September 27-28 the project’s participants gathered in the vibrant city of Aarhus for two days of intensive meetings with the consortium. In a virtual capacity, our CEO Almudena de la Mata lent her expertise to the discussions. The commitment of all involved parties to the cause of sustainability and inclusivity is palpable.

At the heart of our approach lies the amalgamation of science and technology, designed to not only combat air pollution but also foster social harmony. The foundation of our strategy rests on the active involvement of citizens, innovative public-private partnerships, and a steadfast commitment to equality and diversity.

These two days were a testament to the transformation that occurs when brilliant minds dive into the intricacies of blockchain. It’s a powerful reminder that technology, when harnessed with a social conscience, holds boundless potential. As we move forward, the challenges ahead may be substantial, but they’re met with the collective drive and brilliance of a diverse and dynamic team. Together, we’re piecing together the puzzle that will shape cleaner, healthier cities for generations to come.