Publication Blockchain’s Fundamentals in LAWBOOKS FOR ENGINEERS (XI)

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Blockchan Intelligence participates in the 11th edition of Cuadernos de Derecho par ingenieros de Iberdrola

The publication of these works combines the training purpose with the social one: the benefits they produce are destined to the programme of access to energy of the ICAI Engineers for Development Foundation.

Since 2008, Iberdrola has participated in a pioneering initiative to disseminate information by coordinating, editing and publishing various works related to law in the engineering sector.

These publications, produced in collaboration with the National Association/College of Engineers of the I.C.A.I, were born with the aim of providing basic legal knowledge to engineers of any speciality for the development of their activity.

The first publication launched in 2008 was the Manual of Law for Engineers, a work that has become a reference thanks to its general overview of legal regulations, orienting the subjects towards those aspects that are most useful for engineers.

In 2009, after the excellent reception that the Manual had among the professionals of the sector, the first four Cuadernos de derecho para ingenieros (Law Handbook for Engineers) were published to make it easier for engineers of all specialities to carry out their daily work in tasks related to legal aspects. Currently, the Cuadernos de derecho para ingenieros are structured in fifty-one volumes that include subjects that combine knowledge of law and engineering. For each of the subjects dealt with, prestigious experts from the University or professional firms have been called upon.



The economic benefits that these works produce over the years are given to the ICAI Engineers for Development Foundation and reinvested by it in its Energy Access Programme, which comprises different projects.

The publication of these works implies the desire to bring the world of law closer to engineers.