DivAirCity at blockchain event in Turin

Presenting DivAirCity at Blockchain & Europe’s Governance Transformation from Global to Local event

Our CEO Almudena de la Mata gave a keynote speech on our project DivAirCity at the ‘Blockchain & Europe’s Governance Transformation from Global to Local‘ event in Turin on May 17th.

The ‘Blockchain & Europe’s Governance Transformation from Global to Local’ event held in Turin was a significant gathering that explored the potential of blockchain technology in fighting corruption, tackling organized crime, restoring trust and protecting the values ​​of contemporary society, reorienting management of the economy and finance, and enhancing sustainability across Europe while empowering local communities and citizens. It served as a platform for experts, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to explore innovative applications of blockchain in governance.

Blockchain & Europe's Governance Transformation

Almudena de la Mata took the stage as a keynote speaker to present the dApp developed for the DivAircity project. This innovative initiative aims to improve air quality in five European cities by motivating and incentivizing citizens to adopt sustainable practices. Almudena showcased how the dApp, powered by blockchain technology, engages individuals and promotes sustainable behaviors. The dApp provided citizens with a platform to monitor air quality levels and actively contribute to its improvement. Through gamification elements and incentive mechanisms, the dApp encourages citizens to embrace eco-friendly habits.

The programme of the event is here.

Blockchain and Europe's Governance Transformation programme

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