Angela Walch on The Protocol System Experience

Insights from Angela Walch on the Protocol System Experience

Angela Walch, distinguished board member of Blockchain Intelligence, has dedicated the past few months to an in-depth exploration of protocols through her role as a core researcher in the Ethereum Foundation’s Summer of Protocols program. Her insights have culminated into the conceptual framework known as “The Protocol System Experience.”

The Protocol System Experience delves into the intricate dynamics that emerge when individuals interact within a protocol, which encompasses a wide spectrum of human activities, from nations and religions to blockchains and families. It underscores the fundamental role of protocol systems in shaping human existence.

Yet, in focusing solely on the systemic level, we risk overlooking the individual’s lived experience within the protocol system. Angela’s essay shifts the spotlight onto the individual participant, delving into their entry, role performance, and decision-making processes within or outside of the protocol system.

Angela Walch opens a window into the intricate world of protocol systems. By examining the individual’s role and experience within these structures, she prompts us to reflect on our own interactions with the protocols that shape our lives.