Almudena de la Mata participates as a guest in Blockchain radio

On 14 January Almudenada de la Mata participated in the Blockchain Radio programme.


“In Radio Intereconomía new program of #BlockchainRadio with Susana Criado González and Javier Molina Jordà !

This week we enter the world of #Stablecoins with Miguel Caballero de Tutellus, to understand what they are, how they work and the opportunities & risks involved.

On the occasion of the opening of the deadline for the expected #Sanbox, Joaquim Matinero Tor from Roca Junyent will help us to understand times, projects, the role of the regulator …

It will be a pleasure to talk to Almudena de la Mata (PhD Max-Planck-Institut-Uni. Hamburg) ,without a doubt one of the national references of the #Blockchain Blockchain Intelligence environment with whom we will deal with different legal aspects and future of the technology

We will be counting on Jorge Lazcano Garzón from Iberpay for more details on the Smart Money sector initiative.

And of course, Iñigo Molero Manglano will give us details of the new impact investment model that EthicHub now has thanks to that #token Ethix that we already presented with Jori Armbruster”.

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