Almudena de la Mata nominated for #EWOLT2020

Who are the women of legal tech?

Law is still viewed by some as a traditionally male profession. Women, technology companies and progressive law firms are eroding that view, but as female legal tech professionals make a great impact, their contributions are not always visible. The award aims to:

  • Demonstrate to decision makers, conferences and publications as well as education and entrepreneurship benefits of the growing visibility of diversity in action.
  • Promote work in innovation and technology to women and particularly students interested in the field. They can look to our nominees and winners as evidence that they can make an impact in the profession. 
  • Help women celebrate their contributions in legal tech, make their voice stronger and proclaim the impact of their innovation and thought leadership.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the award is to celebrate the success of women and to showcase the important contributions they make to the legal tech scene. We also aim to build a sense of community based around that success.

In doing so, we hope to join with them and foster further innovation and the advancement of legal tech, driving the evolution of the European legal world in general.

Almudena de la Mata: Contribution to Legal Tech

Almudena has built an essential bridge between technology and law. She has created a unique ecosystem where lawyers (and regulators) meet techies and businesses in order to understand the risks and opportunities of technology with the ultimate goal to bring value to society. She has created open spaces for solid, critical and constructive dialogue and reflexion.
She uses collaborative tools and methodologies in her Labs.

Almudena has created the first and leading traning in Blockchain for lawyers and compliance officers. In her view this was a condition sine qua non to unleash the full potential of the blockchain technology.
She has developed with success a full palet of tools to open up the public administration to innovative products and visions.

As a University Professor since 2000 (Humboldt University, Hamburg University, EOI-Ministery of Economy and IE University) she has created the first Blockchain Certified Course Legal & Compliance Expert in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Tokenization and STOs (currently on its 15th edition).

She has been appointed member of the Royal Academy for Jurisprudence and Legislation and Blockchain Expert at “Los 100 de COTEC” by the Foundation COTEC for Innovation; Academic Advisory Board of INATBA and Editorial Board of the British Blockchain Association.