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En Blockchain Intelligence hemos creado este mapa para identificar casos de uso en blockchain. Podrás encontrar los proyectos, nombre de la organización, descripción, país, sector, tipo de organización, nivel de desarrollo, Blockchain o DLT usada y si se trata de proyectos relevantes para COVID 19. Si eres un proyecto Blockchain, por favor, añade la información en el mapa. Si no, disfrútalo a tu gusto y siempre de forma ética y responsable.

Georg Mueller


Logistics and transportation


B.A.M Ticketing Network


B.A.M Ticketing gives the artist and event organizer the full control over their tickets for the first time. We eliminate black markets, ticket scalping and any other fraudulent behaviour from primary and secondary ticketing markets.

As a result artists, sports clubs and venues earn more, while end customers pay less for their tickets by eliminating all unwanted middle men – ultimately increase service provider and customer experience.

Artists want their fans to receive fair priced tickets. As scalpers and bots buy large portions (40-70%) of tickets and resell them at high markups (up to 1000%), chances for fans are low to get tickets at reasonable prices.

Event organizers want a secure ticketing process, with no fake tickets, black markets with highly inflated prices or any other ticket fraud.

Ticketing companies see their tickets trading the day after their issuance already on secondary markets with high markups and even higher transaction fees. They lack to exclude scalpers and unwanted brokers from primary markets.

We use blockchain technology to:
– eliminate all middlemen (scalpers, broker) using digital IDs, giving fans higher chances to buy face value tickets on primary markets
– issue tamper-proof tickets using cryptographically protected digital tickets
– empower ticket issuers to control even secondary markets in terms of availability and pricing using blockchain technology


Wien, Vienna 1160

Level of development


COVID-19 related


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