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Hyperledger Fabric v.1.4.


Ithium is a SaaS that allows banks to offer finance products to supply chain providers using the purchase order as a warranty.

Banks can access (previous confirmation of the companies involved in the supply chain), all the details of every purchase made into the one business group or supply chain. Then the banks can decide based on risk assessment if they send a finance offer to suppliers.

This concept, generates a new finance product, and allow banks to finance very early in the purchase process without having to wait until there is an invoice.

Ithium use blockchain to store purchases and the finance offers states and any change that is made on them, to ensure all operations are certified.

Ithium is already in production with two big supply chains and with a pay-per-use model, as Ithium gets a small commission once every finance operation is closed. Right now we are also working with two major banks, more are coming.


La Coruña, La Coruña 15190

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